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Love is Humility (4 of 14)

Ever notice that some people really have meaning to them. Then others are just empty-headed, stuffed shirts. If you want your kids to be solid and useful people, start first to … → Read More: Love is Humility (4 of 14)

Love Does Not Envy (3 of 14)

Do your kids always want things to be fair? Do they always demand “even steven”? If envy has turned the air green in your home, you might consider … → Read More: Love Does Not Envy (3 of 14)

Love is Kindness (2 of 14)

Do you have a kid that constantly lights “fires”? Do you ever feel like giving up? Or giving him away? Get your sanity back when you … → Read More: Love is Kindness (2 of 14)

Love is Patience (1 of 14)

Sometimes we dads struggle with patience. Often our children do, too. In this first of the I Corinthians 13 series, learn the art of patience. … → Read More: Love is Patience (1 of 14)

Right Timing (3 of 3)

Your kids need to be warned about sexual predators. You are the one who has to do it. This story is about how curiosity about sex is like tampering with a gift and breaking it. Protect and prepare them when you… … → Read More: Right Timing (3 of 3)

Right Timing (2 of 3)

Prepare your children to overcome temptation by bracing them for reality. This devotional about talking to your kids about sex is second in a three-part series on the subject. Get them thinking when you… … → Read More: Right Timing (2 of 3)

Right Timing (1 of 3)

This devotional for kids about sexual purity helps them understand things in terms they relate to. It is only the introduction to this important topic that they will learn how to overcome temptation and be abstinent by… … → Read More: Right Timing (1 of 3)

Silent Lying (3 of 3)

For DAD Only:

How to Catch a Liar

Kids don’t just lie to stay out of trouble. They also like to lie get good stuff. The key to good parenting is not to just think of the adult you want your child to become, but also, don’t forget the child you once were. In other words with one eye, look to the future, with the other, keep the past in view. But watch out for that skateboard on the driveway, too.

You know what it was like to be a kid who wanted to get out of work, stay out … → Read More: Silent Lying (3 of 3)

Low Down Lying (2 of 3)

For DAD Only:

How to Make a Liar

I remember when one of my children developed a professional knack for lying. I was sure he’d been trained by a top politician. I couldn’t figure out why he was doing this or where he had learned it. And how could he do this to me without a twinge of conscience about it?

Then I read a piece of advice from Susannah Wesley, mother of nineteen children. She has sixteen great tips on child raising. I guess it stands to reason that however many children you have, that’s how many philosophies you … → Read More: Low Down Lying (2 of 3)

The Lying Trap (1 of 3)

For DAD Only:

An Honest Moment

“[The devil] abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” (John 8:44)

I told a big lie. At the church school, someone made me really mad. I rushed out the front door of the church onto the sidewalk. In my rage, I saw a couple of bricks on the ground, picked one up, and threw it at the other. It glanced off and smacked the bottom of one of the … → Read More: The Lying Trap (1 of 3)