Selfishness | Devotions with Dad

Self Less (3 of 3)

Dads can be selfish in ways they do not realize. See if you are putting yourself ahead of your children and their needs. One of the big ways dads become selfish is … → Read More: Self Less (3 of 3)

Self? Ish! (2 of 3)

Now one enjoys being around selfish people. Their world gets smaller and smaller. Examine your life. Are your children exhibiting selfishness they have learned from you? If not, where did they learn it? Teach them to overcome selfishness by … → Read More: Self? Ish! (2 of 3)

Selfishness (1 of 3)

Do your children drain you? Does one child demand all the attention and monopolize the mood of your home? If you are not careful, one person in family can suck your emotional resources dry. Prevent this problem and repair your home atmosphere by … → Read More: Selfishness (1 of 3)