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Mission Trip (2 of 3): Middle of Nowhere

For dad only: They Change Me


You probably married your wife thinking you would change her. She married you, thinking she would change you. When your kids came along, you both determined you would change them.


Struggle for control

The desire to change others is what drives witchcraft. Voodoo and Satanism are not about changing self, but about modifying the behaviors of others. The cross of Christ teaches us that love allows itself to be changed.

Jesus loved us so much that He has scars to prove it. Some dads desire to control their kids so much they … → Read More: Mission Trip (2 of 3): Middle of Nowhere

Mission Trip (1 of 3): South of the Border

For dad only, a devotional on family ministry: Leave a Legacy

Jesus included the disciples in ministry. Children need to grow up involved in the church to become truly discipled. Mission trips and ministry do far more than just sitting around doing devotions. Active learning means more than book learning. Christianity is not a school where you just learn good values and religious history. It is a lifestyle you adopt and repeat.

A legacy of evil

Various stories float around about the events leading up to the death of Al Capone’s lawyer Fast Eddy. Although he had protected the mobster … → Read More: Mission Trip (1 of 3): South of the Border

Hidden Treasure (4 of 4)

For dad only:

Untold Riches

You and I cannot even imagine the great things God wants to do with our kids. They have secret potential and amazing plans in store we cannot even guess. Like buried treasures, our children need us to brush away the dirt, cleanse out the impurities, and polish them until they shine. One day the Lord Jesus will set them on display to bring joy and wonder to others.

We can easily get discouraged with little ones and their problems. Remember, the dirt you see is not the finished product. If you channel their energy with … → Read More: Hidden Treasure (4 of 4)

Gold vs. God (3 of 4)

Men often get distracted by all that seems necessary. Our children may get left out of the mix of demands if we let them. The biggest thing to crowd out God and family is … → Read More: Gold vs. God (3 of 4)

Digging for Value (2 of 4)

Have you ever felt like parenting was beyond your reach? Not all of it of course, but some things you do not know how to say or what to do. That is when you resort to the secret weapon of … → Read More: Digging for Value (2 of 4)

More than Gold (1 of 4)

Can you imagine being a dad like Jesus? Think of the father He would be if you grew up in His home. Learn from the mentor-ship example He set by … → Read More: More than Gold (1 of 4)

Farm (3 of 3): The Sleuth

For dad only: The Heart of Potential

Do you talk to your children’s hearts or their heads? Dads ask, how do I get my kids to mind? Head-talk creates guilt or resentment. Heart-talk motivates children to behave without your commanding them.

Talk to the hand

When you find yourself talking to the hand, “Don’t touch that”—“Put that down”—“Get your hands off your sister,” it is because you are just talking to their heads. Head-talk informs. It gives information. Head-talking dads make rules and demand performance.

You can still hear the voice of head-talking people from your life: a teacher, grandma, … → Read More: Farm (3 of 3): The Sleuth

Farm (2 of 3)

For dad only: Cultivate Your Children

You may regret is sending your child off to college to learn how to make money. For one thing, college is a dangerous moral climate, but that is not what I am speaking of in this family devotional on developing character in children. The very idea of living to make money is so shallow it should make you shudder.

Live for more than money

If your son goes off to college thinking he will be happy once he has a career and good income, you are setting him up for disappointment. I talked with … → Read More: Farm (2 of 3)

Farm (1 of 3)

Rusty gets scared to death at the farm. He learns valuable lessons on how to use money. He joins Grandpa and Dad in trying to figure out a mystery. … → Read More: Farm (1 of 3)

Wisdom (3 of 3): Wonderful Wounds

This devotional for Father’s Day should encourage you. Also, enjoy the video my son put together for his dad:

For dad only:

Parenting by Grace, not Law

Do you tend to answer your children’s requests with “No!” before you think through a response? Do you blow your stack when things are not done exactly the way you wanted? Do you answer “why” questions with “because I said so”? Do you nag about shutting doors, running in the house, cleaning the room, and similar issues? If yes, you are a law-based parent, not a loving leader.

Law … → Read More: Wisdom (3 of 3): Wonderful Wounds