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Summer Vacation (2 of 3)

For dad only:

Question Your Children


I am flattered when my kids ask me questions. What a great opportunity to show off what I know! I get to wow them with intellectual terms and big words. Unfortunately, answering questions is not the best way of teaching your children. Asking questions will serve you much better.

Talk is cheap, questions are priceless

Jesus often answered questions with questions. When dealing with unbelievers, He told stories and asked questions. He taught and expounded truths to those who had already received Him, but to those outside, He invited them by challenging … → Read More: Summer Vacation (2 of 3)

Wisdom (3 of 3): Wonderful Wounds

This devotional for Father’s Day should encourage you. Also, enjoy the video my son put together for his dad:

For dad only:

Parenting by Grace, not Law

Do you tend to answer your children’s requests with “No!” before you think through a response? Do you blow your stack when things are not done exactly the way you wanted? Do you answer “why” questions with “because I said so”? Do you nag about shutting doors, running in the house, cleaning the room, and similar issues? If yes, you are a law-based parent, not a loving leader.

Law … → Read More: Wisdom (3 of 3): Wonderful Wounds

Brand new release!

The new Devotions with Dad book is now an eBook! Download today or buy as a gift for Father’s Day. Let wisdom from the book of Proverbs guide the home, 52 weeks of the year.

Wisdom (2 of 3): Telltale Behavior

For dad only:

Standing on Another’s Shoulders

My brother drove my family and his to the top of Pike’s Peak. I did not enjoy going up or going down, but the view from the top took my breath away (so did the cold wind). Standing on top of the world like that, you quickly forget how you got there. Too many children forget to look down and see who got them to where they are.

The view from the top

Too many of us have grown up in the era of building self-esteem and self-confidence into our children. This … → Read More: Wisdom (2 of 3): Telltale Behavior