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Emotion (1 of 3): The Art of Solitude

For dad only:

Time to Chill Out

Whining babies, bratty boys, and needy girls might wear you down. Many dads get to the point of snapping at their wife, children, and the dog.

When things get to you and you just want to get away, it may be an indication that you are not spending enough time alone. You may need to get away. I do not mean go off for the weekend, but that should not be ruled out either.

Alone time is not punishment but restoration. This devotional on solitude should help you see your need for quiet … → Read More: Emotion (1 of 3): The Art of Solitude

Faith, Hope, Love (3 of 3)

For dad only,

a devotional on the five languages of love:


You cannot raise a child for God unless you love him or her. Of the three qualities, love trumps faith or hope. It takes the power of the Spirit to have a home full of love. Love does not come from you, God dwells in you and grows it.

Loving language

Have you ever caught yourself being rude, accusing, insulting, or angry with your children? Too many of us waste time trying to control our mouths so we do not make the same … → Read More: Faith, Hope, Love (3 of 3)


We glorify God when worship Him and when we tell others. Halloween, however, glorifies evil. While people who celebrate Halloween do not typically worship the devil, they give glory to Satan by … → Read More: Halloween

Faith, Hope, Love (2 of 3)

For dad only:


I used to get up grumpy every day. I would have rather let him sleep. Then, I realized I was the one making this child frustrated. Thank God I discovered His gift of hope.

Every morning as I rally my crew out of slumber land, I try to set before them some sense of hope. Instead of irritating them right from the get-go, I look for things they will be excited about. “Hey, sweetie, get up so we can go check on that new puppy” or, “Hey, man, we’re having waffles for breakfast, you do … → Read More: Faith, Hope, Love (2 of 3)

Faith, Hope, Love (1 of 3)

For dad only:


We had to admit my three-month-old daughter to the hospital when she came down with a rare disease. I remember the first day I was able to hold her. Her body was limp from paralysis and about all she could do at the time was open her eyes and look at us. I held that little bundle close in amazement.

In your Father’s arms

My walk with God has to be like my daughter in my arms. Faith means coming to Him and not bringing my agenda or my abilities to the table. He scoops … → Read More: Faith, Hope, Love (1 of 3)

Right Timing (3 of 3)

Your kids need to be warned about sexual predators. You are the one who has to do it. This story is about how curiosity about sex is like tampering with a gift and breaking it. Protect and prepare them when you… … → Read More: Right Timing (3 of 3)