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Do your kids compete to the point of distraction? Do they whine and complain about fairness? Maybe you are trying too hard to raise equals. Instead, learn the spirit of thanksgiving and teach … → Read More: Thanksgiving

Emotion (3 of 3): The Art of Rejoicing

For dad only:

Dinner Time is Family Time

Do you feast? I know many Bible-believing dads practice fasting. In my own life, I have thought myself more spiritual for fasting than for feasting. However, there are more records of Jesus feasting than fasting. The old-covenant believers enjoyed seven times as many feasts as they did fasts. I think God likes eating.

To enjoy feasting we have to understand the purpose of a multi-course meal: to enjoy other people’s company. Personal, microwaveable meals are an abomination compared to the art of feasting. God created good food for us to enjoy, not … → Read More: Emotion (3 of 3): The Art of Rejoicing

Emotion (2 of 3): The Art of Silence

For dad only:

Time to Shut Up

Enjoy this devotional on teaching children the importance of keeping quiet. I grew up being told that “shut up” was a bad word and was warned never to say it. One day a preacher said, “It’s just like fire, shut up in my bones!” My three-year old cousin spoke up, loudly enough for people to hear a few rows back, “He just said a bad word!”

Perhaps, though, the idea of shutting up is not so bad after all. I have saved myself a lot of trouble by shutting up. I have helped … → Read More: Emotion (2 of 3): The Art of Silence