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Mission (1 of 3): Team Effort

For dad only:

Coach the Team

Coaches show the team how to play the game. It works like this: 1) the coach demonstrates while the team observes him, 2) the team practices while the coach advises and encourages them, 3) the team plays with the coach at a distance. Eventually those team members can coach others in what they have learned.

Witness while they watch

The best way to teach your children to represent Christ to a lost world is to let them see you do it. Let them see you share compassion with the lost. Let them see you … → Read More: Mission (1 of 3): Team Effort

Who is to Blame? (2 of 2)

For DAD Only:

Lame Blame

Guilty people like to make others feel guilty. Like giant yellow tractors, they dump their own dirt onto other’s backs, trying to clear the landscape of their souls. Dad, it doesn’t matter how many earth-movers we have in our homes, they will never be able to remove the grunginess of our own self-disappointment.

When I find myself playing the blame game, I must stop and ask why. Some heavy-duty guilt-loaders publicly berate their children for their flaws and insult their wives for past mistakes. However, the desire to unload our tonnage of problems on others … → Read More: Who is to Blame? (2 of 2)

Life (3 of 3): God’s Map

For dad only:

Word of God – Word of Man

If your children learn about God’s nature by observing your love, attitudes about punishment, and your level of patience, what do they learn about God’s Word by hearing your words? Do you keep your word? Do you tell the truth? Do you encourage and build them up or put them down?

Word for Word

When doing devotions, many parents have wondered about using different translations. I use multiple translations with my kids because it helps them get the message of the Scriptures. I love the KJV, but it can distract … → Read More: Life (3 of 3): God’s Map

Hard Work (1 of 2)

For DAD Only:

Teaching Kids to Work

I have seen my kids go outside, build a tree fort, and dig a small pond—all in half the time it took them to vacuum the living room. There is no question that kids have the ability to work. How well they work, however, depends on how we give them jobs to do. Most of us give up saying, “I gave them a job to do, but I don’t know why they work so slow and sloppy.” Ah, we have encountered slothfulness. A slothful person doesn’t care. Most children today are … → Read More: Hard Work (1 of 2)

Life (2 of 3): God’s Grace for Kids

For dad only:

Gracious Parenting

Do you enable your children or merely instruct them? Do you empower them or just order them around? Do you inspire greatness or demand conformity? Learn the art of grace-filled parenting and watch your children embrace God’s grace, too. Do this devotional on God’s grace for children and watch their understanding grow.

Grace for grace

Children need to learn good graces. They must learn to be polite when making requests, meeting new people, or receiving a gift. They do not learn to be gracious by us just saying, “What do you say?”

Children learn good … → Read More: Life (2 of 3): God’s Grace for Kids

Life (1 of 3): Heaven and Hell

For dad only:

Heaven on Earth

Do you create a home atmosphere like Heaven, or is it more like the other place most of the time? Make your home heavenly by praying down the presence of God everyday. Build peace, love, and joy in your family by memorizing scripture together. Discuss this devotional for children about Heaven and Hell. Read the Bible together. And live it.

Don’t just give them hell-fire

Remember God does not just motivate us with punishment. Some homes become very wearying because the children continually live under the threat of the rod.

The Lord inspires us … → Read More: Life (1 of 3): Heaven and Hell