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Teaching series for Bible teachers

Do you need teaching resources for Wednesdays? Do you teach an adult Sunday School class? Are you a pastor? Here is a great resource if you are looking for quality content to teach the flock you minister to. Perhaps this is a gift you could get for a minister you know.

The Life! Training series includes 70 lessons with handouts, notes, PowerPoint slides, and home-study guide booklets! Keep your learners engaged with the scriptures every day and take them through a sequential study of Acts and the Epistles in a Pentecostal perspective. Teach the power of knowing God and … → Read More: Teaching series for Bible teachers

For MOM only, and other women…

He Called Her provides a biblical view of women in ministry. Through a careful searching of the Scriptures, a brief overview of women in ministry throughout Pentecostal history, and first-person narratives by women preachers, He Called Her thoroughly and definitively answers the following questions:

Does I Corinthians 14:34–35 silence women in church? Can women serve only when a man does not respond to the call? Does I Timothy 2:11–12 prohibit women from teaching men? Can a woman have authority in the church? Can a woman be a pastor? Must women be submitted to men to do ministry?

Any person wanting … → Read More: For MOM only, and other women…