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Love is Patience (1 of 14)

Sometimes we dads struggle with patience. Often our children do, too. In this first of the I Corinthians 13 series, learn the art of patience. … → Read More: Love is Patience (1 of 14)

Digging for Value (2 of 4)

Have you ever felt like parenting was beyond your reach? Not all of it of course, but some things you do not know how to say or what to do. That is when you resort to the secret weapon of … → Read More: Digging for Value (2 of 4)

Affectionate Pursuit (2 of 3)

Ever feel like your kids were just not hearing you. You can be heard without them being hurt. Yelling and rage do not work, but this trick does. Win your children to cooperation when you … → Read More: Affectionate Pursuit (2 of 3)