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How to Have Inside Beauty (2 of 3)

For dad only:

Legalistic Joy-Killer

If your home lacks joy, you are probably a hard-fisted, rule-making jerk. Pushing the kids, berating your wife, and criticizing what they tried to do will lead to a pale gloom in your home. I would rather drink old coffee and breath second-hand smoke at the café than put that pall of death and that stench of hopelessness into the air of my home. I have done it before, but I’m proof a man can change.

The letter kills

When you run a home with rules, you tell your family that things are more important … → Read More: How to Have Inside Beauty (2 of 3)

Emotion (3 of 3): The Art of Rejoicing

For dad only:

Dinner Time is Family Time

Do you feast? I know many Bible-believing dads practice fasting. In my own life, I have thought myself more spiritual for fasting than for feasting. However, there are more records of Jesus feasting than fasting. The old-covenant believers enjoyed seven times as many feasts as they did fasts. I think God likes eating.

To enjoy feasting we have to understand the purpose of a multi-course meal: to enjoy other people’s company. Personal, microwaveable meals are an abomination compared to the art of feasting. God created good food for us to enjoy, not … → Read More: Emotion (3 of 3): The Art of Rejoicing

Joy Hope (3 of 3)

Do you anticipate great things? Do you enjoy a life of expectancy? Or do you expect the worst? Make your home a hope-filled place when … → Read More: Joy Hope (3 of 3)