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We glorify God when worship Him and when we tell others. Halloween, however, glorifies evil. While people who celebrate Halloween do not typically worship the devil, they give glory to Satan by … → Read More: Halloween

Independence Day (3 of 3)

For dad only:

Be the Base By Doug Joseph

In our garage is an old, beat up, plastic 5-gallon bucket with burn marks on the bottom. We also have an old, cracked recycling bin. It also has burn marks on its bottom. Why? Each year we turn them upside down, stack the former on top of the latter, and use them as a base from which to shoot fireworks.

You see, our state’s laws about fireworks put safety as the highest priority. Pretty much anything that “blows up” or “goes up” is illegal to buy or sell. All that’s … → Read More: Independence Day (3 of 3)