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Love is Kindness (2 of 14)

Do you have a kid that constantly lights “fires”? Do you ever feel like giving up? Or giving him away? Get your sanity back when you … → Read More: Love is Kindness (2 of 14)

How to Have Inside Beauty (2 of 3)

For dad only:

Legalistic Joy-Killer

If your home lacks joy, you are probably a hard-fisted, rule-making jerk. Pushing the kids, berating your wife, and criticizing what they tried to do will lead to a pale gloom in your home. I would rather drink old coffee and breath second-hand smoke at the café than put that pall of death and that stench of hopelessness into the air of my home. I have done it before, but I’m proof a man can change.

The letter kills

When you run a home with rules, you tell your family that things are more important … → Read More: How to Have Inside Beauty (2 of 3)

New Year’s

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What’s the Good Word?

“You idiot! Can’t you get anything right?”

Does that sound like a drill sergeant? A control-freak boss? How about an exasperated dad? Words can wound like war shrapnel. Not only have you and I experienced destructive words, we’ve said them.

I still remember losing my cool with that bill collector about a decade ago. He kept calling, trying to get me to pay a bill I didn’t owe. After I unloaded both barrels of my opinion on him, I looked up to see my wife’s jaw drop.

Of course, we dads never let … → Read More: New Year’s

Sibling Love (1 of 3): Lost

Sometimes curing sibling rivalry might be easier than you think. Use this devotional on brothers and sisters getting along to help your kids get their thinking straight. Stories are powerful tools in the heart of a loving dad.

For dad only:

Disciple like Jesus

Sitting on the creek bank the other day, my three-year-old girl climbed into my lap. She and I were watching her brothers and sisters fish. She had been fishing with her cane pole but lost interest interest in the sport after whipping it around for a while, hooking another child’s line, and … → Read More: Sibling Love (1 of 3): Lost

Self Less (3 of 3)

Dads can be selfish in ways they do not realize. See if you are putting yourself ahead of your children and their needs. One of the big ways dads become selfish is … → Read More: Self Less (3 of 3)

Respecting Each Other

For DAD Only:

Raising Adults

Before a New Year’s Eve prayer meeting, some of the church folks got together to play board games. After the prayer meeting, most everybody wanted to head home and get some sleep—except my kids. They were more than willing to stay up “past midnight” while eating popcorn and drinking Pepsi. What a healthy start to the year. The kids took up the places of the church folks who had left, as I continued on my trek to take over Risk.

I noticed an odd thing, however, as my children took the place of the adults … → Read More: Respecting Each Other