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Love Believes all Things (12 of 14)

Your kids could turn out to be murderers. They could become missionaries. You can determine how they turn out by … → Read More: Love Believes all Things (12 of 14)

God Does Miracles (3 of 3)

For dad only:

Signs and Wonders

Have your kids seen miracles? Do they know the power of God? Or are you giving them existential religion?

Let them see God’s power. Tell them stories. Do not let them forget what He has done for your family. Talk about the miracles of Jesus. Teach them to expect God to do greater things than we can imagine.

My kids and I have been reading about the early Pentecostal revival together. I highly recommend the book The Winds of God: The Story of the Early Pentecostal Movement (1901-1914) in the Life of Howard A. … → Read More: God Does Miracles (3 of 3)