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Mission (3 of 3): Soul-winning

Help your kids learn how to win-souls. Kids do want to tell others the message and will with help. Soul-winning comes natural to children when they understand the importance and the power they can have in the world. Begin by… … → Read More: Mission (3 of 3): Soul-winning

Farm (3 of 3): The Sleuth

For dad only: The Heart of Potential

Do you talk to your children’s hearts or their heads? Dads ask, how do I get my kids to mind? Head-talk creates guilt or resentment. Heart-talk motivates children to behave without your commanding them.

Talk to the hand

When you find yourself talking to the hand, “Don’t touch that”—“Put that down”—“Get your hands off your sister,” it is because you are just talking to their heads. Head-talk informs. It gives information. Head-talking dads make rules and demand performance.

You can still hear the voice of head-talking people from your life: a teacher, grandma, … → Read More: Farm (3 of 3): The Sleuth