This book includes 52 fun devotions

This is teaching that is as easy as reading Dr. Suess!

Dad, simply read the book and ask the discussion questions with your children

Follow Rusty and Misty as they learn from the Book of Proverbs

Read Bible stories together and apply the meaning to daily life

Dad gets to read a weekly motivation from an experienced father

Watch children grow in character they will have for life!

Only $19.95 plus shipping!

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We have it and love it!!!!!
Kendal P.
Scott P.
“We have repeatedly used the material in this book for our own family's devotions. Wonderful stuff! Our highest recommendation without reservation.”
Doug J.
“Daniel Koren combines a great sense of humour, creative writing in his illustration-type stories, and very practical pointers on parenting. Any man who hopes to be a godly Dad and train up his kids with a moral compass should definitely purchase this book and utilize it weekly.”
Nathan M.