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Selfishness (1 of 3)

Do your children drain you? Does one child demand all the attention and monopolize the mood of your home? If you are not careful, one person in family can suck your emotional resources dry. Prevent this problem and repair your home atmosphere by … → Read More: Selfishness (1 of 3)

Everything you want (3 of 3)

A socially-acceptable sin kills more family than you can believe. Many Christian homes drowned in this offensive attitude. Some churches even promote this worldview. When you practice the sin of … → Read More: Everything you want (3 of 3)

Affectionate Pursuit (2 of 3)

Ever feel like your kids were just not hearing you. You can be heard without them being hurt. Yelling and rage do not work, but this trick does. Win your children to cooperation when you … → Read More: Affectionate Pursuit (2 of 3)

A Little Love (1 of 3)

Ever struggle with liking your child? Ever gotten fed up with a son or daughter and didn’t know what to do. Start be getting the right perspective when you … → Read More: A Little Love (1 of 3)

Respecting Each Other

For DAD Only:

Raising Adults

Before a New Year’s Eve prayer meeting, some of the church folks got together to play board games. After the prayer meeting, most everybody wanted to head home and get some sleep—except my kids. They were more than willing to stay up “past midnight” while eating popcorn and drinking Pepsi. What a healthy start to the year. The kids took up the places of the church folks who had left, as I continued on my trek to take over Risk.

I noticed an odd thing, however, as my children took the place of the adults … → Read More: Respecting Each Other