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Sibling Love (2 of 3): Survival

Devotional teaching brothers and sisters to love each other

For dad only:

Write to Them

The Apostle Paul was a “father” who wrote his “children.” He encouraged them in the right ways and corrected them about their mistakes. He spoke in love but he was firm. Some of the best teaching material in the New Testament comes from his writing to correct someone’s sinfulness.

Why don’t you become an apostle to your children? Sit down and write them a letter. Do not focus on negatives. But do not make it all warm fuzzies. Give them some meat to chew … → Read More: Sibling Love (2 of 3): Survival

Sibling Love (1 of 3): Lost

Sometimes curing sibling rivalry might be easier than you think. Use this devotional on brothers and sisters getting along to help your kids get their thinking straight. Stories are powerful tools in the heart of a loving dad.

For dad only:

Disciple like Jesus

Sitting on the creek bank the other day, my three-year-old girl climbed into my lap. She and I were watching her brothers and sisters fish. She had been fishing with her cane pole but lost interest interest in the sport after whipping it around for a while, hooking another child’s line, and … → Read More: Sibling Love (1 of 3): Lost

Valentine’s Day

For DAD Only:

Love Gives Itself

Her dad hit her with a piece of metal. The teacher saw the mark. Dad had to leave the home.

But Dad loves his daughter. We discover this as we observe him weeping before his counselor. He bemoans the separation, expressing the guilt he feels, the heartbreak. He wishes he could have communicated his love better. He wanted the best for his family. He wanted his girl to have a clean room. He wanted her to be safe. He wanted her to live without shame. He didn’t want her to get pregnant in high … → Read More: Valentine’s Day

Self Less (3 of 3)

Dads can be selfish in ways they do not realize. See if you are putting yourself ahead of your children and their needs. One of the big ways dads become selfish is … → Read More: Self Less (3 of 3)

Self? Ish! (2 of 3)

Now one enjoys being around selfish people. Their world gets smaller and smaller. Examine your life. Are your children exhibiting selfishness they have learned from you? If not, where did they learn it? Teach them to overcome selfishness by … → Read More: Self? Ish! (2 of 3)