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God in Us (3 of 3)

You raise your family to exhibit your personality and spirit. You want to develop your young men in your image the way God develops us in His image. Learn from the example of how God first … → Read More: God in Us (3 of 3)

A God Like Us (2 of 3)

If you have ever wanted to help your children understand the mystery of who Jesus is, this lesson will help you do so. Do not leave them in the dark about this awesome subject. Let them see the simplicity of knowing how much God loves us with this story about … → Read More: A God Like Us (2 of 3)

For God’s Glory (1 of 3)

Do you ever wonder if you are getting the principles of the one true God across to your children? Do they understand what it means to give glory to God? Do you? Teach your family to glorify God simply by … → Read More: For God’s Glory (1 of 3)

The Special Gift (3 of 3)

Teach your children the importance and power of receiving God’s best gift. You will do nothing greater for your children than lead them to receive the Spirit of Almighty God. … → Read More: The Special Gift (3 of 3)