Pentecost Sunday Devotional for Kids

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Pentecost Sunday

For dad only, a devotional for Pentecost Sunday:

In the Upper Room

We fail if we only raise good kids. We must raise biblical kids. We want them to know the Lord the way He wants us to know Him. The apostles preached to families with children. They told them, “This promise of the Holy Ghost is for you and your children.”

However, Pentecost did not end with speaking in tongues. It also included baptism in Jesus’ Name (Acts 2:21, 38), the truth of God manifested in Christ (2:34-36), and principles of separation from society’s sins (2:40).

Our kids must know that Jesus did not just come to forgive our sins, but to fill us with His Spirit so we could overcome our sins.

If your kids could go back in time to the Day of Pentecost when the 120+/- believers were filled with the Spirit, would they say, “What’s that funny noise?” Would they already be familiar with speaking in tongues? Would they be among those speaking in tongues?

Don’t force the beauty of the Spirit down their throats if they have not experienced Him yet. Let them see the joy of the Lord in you and want what you have. You are the best testimony to win your kids. They will be your best converts. Win their souls.


Read this devotional about Pentecost Sunday to the kids:

Pentecost for Everyone

Last time, Rusty suffered the disappointment of his friend missing church. His unbelieving mom had grounded him from church when she got mad at him.


Church had ended and Rusty could see that Carter’s dad was really growing in the Lord. He was starting to sing during worship, and he was crying at the end of service. Rusty wished Carter could be there to see what a big change God was making in his dad.

After church, Dad and Carter’s dad were talking.

“How is your youngest son, Doug?” Dad asked. “We were really sorry about what happened to him when you were at our house.”

Carter’s dad shook his head, “Oh, don’t feel bad about it. It is just one of those things that happen to a kid. He’ll learn not to stand so close to the batter next time. We felt bad we had to leave your house like that.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Dad said, “we understood completely.”

“Well, we’d like to make it up to you. Could ya’ll come over to our house today for a cookout?” Carter’s dad asked.

“Um,” Dad glanced at Mom, who shrugged. He glanced back at Carter’s dad, “Sure, Doug, we’d love to. We didn’t have any firm plans this afternoon anyway.”

“Great,” Carter’s dad said with a smile, “I’ll call my wife and let her know to expect you.”

•       •       •

Later, at Carter’s house, Rusty asked, “So have you noticed how different your dad is now, Carter?”

Carter shrugged, “He has been changing. He hasn’t been drunk since we got back from the campground.”

“That’s awesome,” Rusty said.

“And I am different now, too,” Carter said. “Now that I’ve got Jesus in my life.”

“Just wait until Jesus fills you with the Holy Ghost like he did your dad,” Rusty said.

Carter looked at the ground between his feet. “Yeah, I guess I think my dad and step-mom need it more right now. I’m really not a bad person.”

“Do you ever get upset at your parents?” Rusty asked. “Do you ever feel hurt and don’t know what to do about it?”

Carter shrugged and nodded.

Rusty said, “God’s Spirit doesn’t just help us not to be bad people—He helps us stay strong in tough stuff.”

“I just wish my step-mom would get her life right,” Carter said, kicking at a clump of grass. “She is so mean to me sometimes. She always babies Skylar because he’s her real son.”

Rusty put his hand on Carter’s shoulder. “Jesus grew up with a step-dad.”

Carter looked at him for a moment and then back at the ground.

Rusty continued, “He understands what you are going through. He had many people reject Him—even His own brothers. They spit on Him and lied about Him. Yet He still loved them. Even when they killed Him. That’s why you need the Spirit of Jesus to help you.”

It was time to eat, so the boys both went to the patio table to join their parents and siblings.

•       •       •

Later that evening, Rusty was still amazed that Mom and Dad had somehow talked Carter’s dad and mom into bringing the family to Sunday evening church. Pastor was preaching on Pentecost. Rusty thought he saw Carter’s mom wipe tears from her eyes a couple times.

At the end of service, Rusty went up to Carter and asked him to come up and pray. Carter followed after looking to see if his parents would let him go up. His dad said yes.

Soon Carter was crying and praying while one of the men of the church talked to him. Rusty worshipped the Lord alongside his friend, praying that he would get filled with the Spirit. After a while of praying, Carter’s lips started chattering and he started sputtering out his words. He went on praying like that for a while. Then, he started talking quietly in a new language as the Spirit of God filled him to overflowing.

Rusty looked around to see if his parents knew what was going on. That’s when he saw Carter’s dad and mom behind him. His dad was praising God and his mom was crying and praying, too. It was all so new to her, she didn’t look like she knew what to do.

After Carter finished praying, his step-mom put her arms around him. Rusty heard her saying, “I am so sorry I have been so hard on you. I need what you just got so I can be full of love like God wants me to be.”

Carter hugged her and said, “I forgive you.”


Now discuss it!

How did Carter feel about his step-mom?


What did Rusty tell Carter about Jesus that helped Carter see how much Jesus understood him?

That Jesus had a step-dad.


How did Rusty help Carter see his need for the Holy Ghost?


Who do you know that needs the Holy Ghost?


What could you say to encourage him or her to seek the Lord for this wonderful gift?


Do you think all of Carter’s problems at home will go away now that he has spoken in tongues?


Do you think his dad might still make a few mistakes?


Do you think his mom might still mess up and treat him wrong sometimes?


What should he do if that happens?


Read God’s Word together:

Belief Includes the Spirit of Pentecost

Peter began to speak: “I now realize that it is true that God treats everyone on the same basis. Those who fear him and do what is right are acceptable to him, no matter what race they belong to. You know the message he sent to the people of Israel, proclaiming the Good News of peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all.

“You know of the great event that took place throughout the land of Israel, beginning in Galilee after John preached his message of baptism. You know about Jesus of Nazareth and how God poured out on him the Holy Spirit and power. He went everywhere, doing good and healing all who were under the power of the Devil, for God was with him.

“We are witnesses of everything that he did in the land of Israel and in Jerusalem. Then they put him to death by nailing him to a cross. But God raised him from death three days later and caused him to appear, not to everyone, but only to the witnesses that God had already chosen, that is, to us who ate and drank with him after he rose from death. And he commanded us to preach the gospel to the people and to testify that he is the one whom God has appointed judge of the living and the dead. All the prophets spoke about him, saying that all who believe in him will have their sins forgiven through the power of his name.”

While Peter was still speaking, the Holy Spirit came down on all those who were listening to his message. The Jewish believers who had come from Joppa with Peter were amazed that God had poured out his gift of the Holy Spirit on the Gentiles also. For they heard them speaking in strange tongues and praising God’s greatness.

Peter spoke up: “These people have received the Holy Spirit, just as we also did. Can anyone, then, stop them from being baptized with water?” So he ordered them to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Then they asked him to stay with them for a few days.

(Acts 10:34-48, GNB)

•       •       •

While Apollos was in Corinth, Paul traveled through the interior of the province and arrived in Ephesus. There he found some disciples and asked them, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you became believers?”

“We have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit,” they answered.

“Well, then, what kind of baptism did you receive?” Paul asked.

“The baptism of John,” they answered.

Paul said, “The baptism of John was for those who turned from their sins; and he told the people of Israel to believe in the one who was coming after him—that is, in Jesus.”

When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Paul placed his hands on them, and the Holy Spirit came upon them; they spoke in strange tongues and also proclaimed God’s message. They were about twelve men in all.

(Acts 19:1-7)


Let’s talk about it!

How did the Jewish believers, in Acts 10, know the new believers had received the Spirit?


What did Peter say to do after they were filled?

Baptize them.


What did Paul ask the people in Ephesus, in Acts 19:2?

Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?


How did they respond?


Who do you know that believes Jesus is the Savior, but has not received the Holy Ghost yet?


Why haven’t they? Do they not know about the gift of the Holy Ghost? Or has someone told them it is not for them?


What can you do to help them know the truth like Paul did for John’s disciples in Ephesus?


Role play: You know someone who has never heard about the gift of the Holy Ghost. How will you feel if they die without knowing? What do you think they would think about you?


What if you did tell them and they did not seem interested and they died—how would you feel? How would this situation be different than not telling them?


What if you did tell them and they said, “Yes, I want that,” and prayed until God filled them with His Spirit. How would you feel? How would they feel? How would Jesus feel?


Memorize it!


Acts 2:39

For the promise is unto you,

and to your children,

and to all that are afar off,

even as many

as the Lord our God shall call.

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