Holiday Themes | Devotions with Dad

Pentecost Sunday

For dad only, a devotional for Pentecost Sunday:

In the Upper Room

We fail if we only raise good kids. We must raise biblical kids. We want them to know the Lord the way He wants us to know Him. The apostles preached to families with children. They told them, “This promise of the Holy Ghost is for you and your children.”

However, Pentecost did not end with speaking in tongues. It also included baptism in Jesus’ Name (Acts 2:21, 38), the truth of God manifested in Christ (2:34-36), and principles of separation from society’s sins (2:40).

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Mother’s Day

Help your kids understand the importance of mom. Help them find creative ways to express their love for her. Dads help children by teaching them with this mother’s day devotional and by… … → Read More: Mother’s Day

New Year’s

For DAD Only:

What’s the Good Word?

“You idiot! Can’t you get anything right?”

Does that sound like a drill sergeant? A control-freak boss? How about an exasperated dad? Words can wound like war shrapnel. Not only have you and I experienced destructive words, we’ve said them.

I still remember losing my cool with that bill collector about a decade ago. He kept calling, trying to get me to pay a bill I didn’t owe. After I unloaded both barrels of my opinion on him, I looked up to see my wife’s jaw drop.

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The family Christmas devotions follow this for dad only:

The Gift of Innocence

Sexual predators and perverted bullies hurt children’s minds and bodies. Racy music, pornography, and dirty-minded friends destroy pure children. Kids were born innocent of sin. They do not know the depths of wickedness. Dad, what are you doing to keep them from humanity’s filth?

How to protect them

You cannot give innocence. God already gave it to your child. He has trusted you with preserving this special gift. I know every person will learn about the worst types of sin at some point. However, the younger … → Read More: Christmas


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Independence Day (3 of 3)

For dad only:

Be the Base By Doug Joseph

In our garage is an old, beat up, plastic 5-gallon bucket with burn marks on the bottom. We also have an old, cracked recycling bin. It also has burn marks on its bottom. Why? Each year we turn them upside down, stack the former on top of the latter, and use them as a base from which to shoot fireworks.

You see, our state’s laws about fireworks put safety as the highest priority. Pretty much anything that “blows up” or “goes up” is illegal to buy or sell. All that’s … → Read More: Independence Day (3 of 3)

Summer Vacation (2 of 3)

For dad only:

Question Your Children


I am flattered when my kids ask me questions. What a great opportunity to show off what I know! I get to wow them with intellectual terms and big words. Unfortunately, answering questions is not the best way of teaching your children. Asking questions will serve you much better.

Talk is cheap, questions are priceless

Jesus often answered questions with questions. When dealing with unbelievers, He told stories and asked questions. He taught and expounded truths to those who had already received Him, but to those outside, He invited them by challenging … → Read More: Summer Vacation (2 of 3)

Valentine’s Day

For DAD Only:

Love Gives Itself

Her dad hit her with a piece of metal. The teacher saw the mark. Dad had to leave the home.

But Dad loves his daughter. We discover this as we observe him weeping before his counselor. He bemoans the separation, expressing the guilt he feels, the heartbreak. He wishes he could have communicated his love better. He wanted the best for his family. He wanted his girl to have a clean room. He wanted her to be safe. He wanted her to live without shame. He didn’t want her to get pregnant in high … → Read More: Valentine’s Day