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Love Rejoices in Truth (10 of 14)

Why are some kids wild and others so tame? For one thing, it depends on how you train them. Children will become wild animals if you … → Read More: Love Rejoices in Truth (10 of 14)

Love is not soon Angry (7 of 14)

Do any of your children express frustration or rage? One of the worst things we can do as fathers is provoke our children to anger. We exasperate our children when we … → Read More: Love is not soon Angry (7 of 14)

Love is Humility (4 of 14)

Ever notice that some people really have meaning to them. Then others are just empty-headed, stuffed shirts. If you want your kids to be solid and useful people, start first to … → Read More: Love is Humility (4 of 14)

Mother’s Day

Help your kids understand the importance of mom. Help them find creative ways to express their love for her. Dads help children by teaching them with this mother’s day devotional and by… … → Read More: Mother’s Day

Honor All People (3 of 3)

Raise respectable kids who honor others. Christians live their testimony before the world by how they handle conflict and challenges in life. This Rusty story see how Dad has to … → Read More: Honor All People (3 of 3)

Honor Mom and Dad (1 of 3)

Teach your children to honor their mom and dad. Build a multi-generational legacy. Sow seeds your grandchildren will benefit from. Invest in them by… … → Read More: Honor Mom and Dad (1 of 3)


Do your kids compete to the point of distraction? Do they whine and complain about fairness? Maybe you are trying too hard to raise equals. Instead, learn the spirit of thanksgiving and teach … → Read More: Thanksgiving

Respecting Each Other

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Raising Adults

Before a New Year’s Eve prayer meeting, some of the church folks got together to play board games. After the prayer meeting, most everybody wanted to head home and get some sleep—except my kids. They were more than willing to stay up “past midnight” while eating popcorn and drinking Pepsi. What a healthy start to the year. The kids took up the places of the church folks who had left, as I continued on my trek to take over Risk.

I noticed an odd thing, however, as my children took the place of the adults … → Read More: Respecting Each Other