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Love is not soon Angry (7 of 14)

Do any of your children express frustration or rage? One of the worst things we can do as fathers is provoke our children to anger. We exasperate our children when we … → Read More: Love is not soon Angry (7 of 14)

Anger (3 of 3): Right Kind of Mad

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Get to the Heart of Anger

Many times a good dad will get boiling mad for the right reason. How we respond, however, makes a huge impact on our children’s lives.

If you see your kid coloring on the pages of the family Bible, you may become furious over such sacrilege. However, you cannot cuss the child out and kick him with your boot. Bridle your anger and ride it productively, not destructively.

In such a situation you may have to order a “Cease and desist” command immediately, then go for a walk to think of a … → Read More: Anger (3 of 3): Right Kind of Mad

Anger (1 of 3)

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How to Be the Best Parent

Being a good parent is less about learning techniques and more about becoming a good person. You become the best parent by becoming a good Christian, a good citizen, and a good example.

Dad, you cannot keep on struggling with lust and anger problems your whole life and think you are going to raise boys who escape the same traps.

Raise anger-free kids

Your children will not have anger issues if you do not. However, if you and I enjoy our daily “angry hour,” we are discipling our young men and … → Read More: Anger (1 of 3)

Mystery (1 of 3): Dissapearing Aunt

For dad only:

The Lightning Rod

While helping homeschool my kids, I learned that my thinking was wrong about electricity. I want to apply it to life in this devotional about contention and fighting in the home. I always thought electricity flowed from positive to negative. Instead, it flows from negative to positive.

Lightning strikes from the ground to the clouds, they tell us, because earth builds up a negative charge which is attracted to the positive charge on the bottom side of the clouds. This negative charge builds up by friction.

Lightning rods, then, or buildings with metal roofs, … → Read More: Mystery (1 of 3): Dissapearing Aunt