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Hidden Treasure (4 of 4)

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Untold Riches

You and I cannot even imagine the great things God wants to do with our kids. They have secret potential and amazing plans in store we cannot even guess. Like buried treasures, our children need us to brush away the dirt, cleanse out the impurities, and polish them until they shine. One day the Lord Jesus will set them on display to bring joy and wonder to others.

We can easily get discouraged with little ones and their problems. Remember, the dirt you see is not the finished product. If you channel their energy with … → Read More: Hidden Treasure (4 of 4)

Gold vs. God (3 of 4)

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Digging for Value (2 of 4)

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More than Gold (1 of 4)

Can you imagine being a dad like Jesus? Think of the father He would be if you grew up in His home. Learn from the mentor-ship example He set by … → Read More: More than Gold (1 of 4)