6 Mission | Devotions with Dad

Mission (3 of 3): Soul-winning

Help your kids learn how to win-souls. Kids do want to tell others the message and will with help. Soul-winning comes natural to children when they understand the importance and the power they can have in the world. Begin by… … → Read More: Mission (3 of 3): Soul-winning

Mission (2 of 3): My Mission

For dad only:

Traveling where He Leads

Note: This lesson will be understood best in the context of the Life! Journal called “Life Mission.” Download and print of the PDF version of this daily journal on finding your life purpose, or click the links below for each of the seven days of this study:

The Captain Picks His Team Blast Off! In Coming! Destination: Earth God Works with Your Abilities Defeat Spiritual Laziness Accruing Kingdom Interest The Body at Work

Take this devotional time to help your children identify or at least begin thinking about what God would do through … → Read More: Mission (2 of 3): My Mission

Mission (1 of 3): Team Effort

For dad only:

Coach the Team

Coaches show the team how to play the game. It works like this: 1) the coach demonstrates while the team observes him, 2) the team practices while the coach advises and encourages them, 3) the team plays with the coach at a distance. Eventually those team members can coach others in what they have learned.

Witness while they watch

The best way to teach your children to represent Christ to a lost world is to let them see you do it. Let them see you share compassion with the lost. Let them see you … → Read More: Mission (1 of 3): Team Effort