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Life (2 of 3): God’s Grace for Kids

For dad only:

Gracious Parenting

Do you enable your children or merely instruct them? Do you empower them or just order them around? Do you inspire greatness or demand conformity? Learn the art of grace-filled parenting and watch your children embrace God’s grace, too. Do this devotional on God’s grace for children and watch their understanding grow.

Grace for grace

Children need to learn good graces. They must learn to be polite when making requests, meeting new people, or receiving a gift. They do not learn to be gracious by us just saying, “What do you say?”

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Favor (2 of 3): How to Find Favor with Others

For dad only:

How to Find Favor with Others

Your kids will grow up well-adjusted if you teach them how to find favor with people. Demanding, rude kids will have a hard go of it in life. Considerate, kind young people will win hearts wherever they go.

Jesus found favor with people while He was just a boy:

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. (Luke 2:52)

This verse harkens back to Samuel, who also found favor with others, and to the book of wisdom for young men:

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