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Honor the Church (2 of 3)

Children need to know the importance of the church as family. Teach them to love going to church. Also teach them caution about who they hang with and … → Read More: Honor the Church (2 of 3)


The family Christmas devotions follow this for dad only:

The Gift of Innocence

Sexual predators and perverted bullies hurt children’s minds and bodies. Racy music, pornography, and dirty-minded friends destroy pure children. Kids were born innocent of sin. They do not know the depths of wickedness. Dad, what are you doing to keep them from humanity’s filth?

How to protect them

You cannot give innocence. God already gave it to your child. He has trusted you with preserving this special gift. I know every person will learn about the worst types of sin at some point. However, the younger … → Read More: Christmas

Joy Hope (3 of 3)

Do you anticipate great things? Do you enjoy a life of expectancy? Or do you expect the worst? Make your home a hope-filled place when … → Read More: Joy Hope (3 of 3)