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Love Believes all Things (12 of 14)

Your kids could turn out to be murderers. They could become missionaries. You can determine how they turn out by … → Read More: Love Believes all Things (12 of 14)

Love Rejoices in Truth (10 of 14)

Why are some kids wild and others so tame? For one thing, it depends on how you train them. Children will become wild animals if you … → Read More: Love Rejoices in Truth (10 of 14)

Love is Politeness (5 of 14)

Should a child’s peers develop their character? Does social conformity make strong citizens? You endanger your children by letting peers influence their values and decisions because … → Read More: Love is Politeness (5 of 14)

Love is Humility (4 of 14)

Ever notice that some people really have meaning to them. Then others are just empty-headed, stuffed shirts. If you want your kids to be solid and useful people, start first to … → Read More: Love is Humility (4 of 14)

Hard Work (1 of 2)

For DAD Only:

Teaching Kids to Work

I have seen my kids go outside, build a tree fort, and dig a small pond—all in half the time it took them to vacuum the living room. There is no question that kids have the ability to work. How well they work, however, depends on how we give them jobs to do. Most of us give up saying, “I gave them a job to do, but I don’t know why they work so slow and sloppy.” Ah, we have encountered slothfulness. A slothful person doesn’t care. Most children today are … → Read More: Hard Work (1 of 2)

Be responsible

For DAD Only:

Father’s Little Dividend

Do you have an IRA, a 401k, or a mutual fund? If so, perhaps you will be financially secure some day–especially once your children stop spending all your money on shoes and dental work (and then auto repairs and college fees). However, you can get a better ROI than from any of the above mentioned opportunities. (ROI means either “return on investment” or “really outrageous income” but I can’t remember which.)

There is a field of speculation which opens a wide zone of risk, worry, and potential disappointment. Yet a most rewarding ROI. No, … → Read More: Be responsible

Favor (2 of 3): How to Find Favor with Others

For dad only:

How to Find Favor with Others

Your kids will grow up well-adjusted if you teach them how to find favor with people. Demanding, rude kids will have a hard go of it in life. Considerate, kind young people will win hearts wherever they go.

Jesus found favor with people while He was just a boy:

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. (Luke 2:52)

This verse harkens back to Samuel, who also found favor with others, and to the book of wisdom for young men:

Let not mercy and truth … → Read More: Favor (2 of 3): How to Find Favor with Others